Decoding the journey of Michael D. Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of iTribe Social Inc.

Michael D. Smith

The Creative Stage is filled with talent wanting to make their mark in the world with their own unique perspective. Although there are many with unique ideas, style, and talent the true struggle is in translating those ideas to an audience; making them feel an idea, making them take action.

“What I think many of us forget is how much our stories tell others about ourselves. Our hardships, motivations, and personal struggles that have led us to where we are today.” says Michael D. Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of iTribe Social Inc.

iTribe Social Inc is a full-service Toronto based marketing and media agencies aiding start-ups and entrepreneurs. Still in it’s beginning year, iTribe Social Inc has made waves in the landscape that have not gone unnoticed – already having partnered with a sector of Canadian Municipal Government, and some of the fastest growing start-ups in Canada. Founders Michelle Tegola and Michael D. Smith have brought together a much needed service specializing directly in the niche that needs it the most – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. They currently hold over 11 awards in 2019 alone and have been awarded Creative Agency of the Year 2019 by the American Human Rights Society in association with UNESCO – an specialized agency within the United Nations focused on education and sustainability initiatives.

“A well-told story can be one of the most powerful things in the world.” says Smith. “Stories have the power to move even the most stoic of individuals, the power to drive actions of the masses, and the power to live in all of us; fuelling many entrepreneurs and dreamers alike. Some would argue that they even have the power to suede even the most data driven investors.”

At the head of these stories, Smith takes a calculated and experienced approach to every piece of media he creates. With over 20 years experience as a creative, his internationally awarded creative media has been recognized world-wide and continues to grow as he guides iTribe Social Inc to push the boundaries on disruptive strategy and content creation.

Michael’s accolades in media have been awarded alongside brands and agencies such as Netflix, Disney, Warner Brothers, FOX, Audi, Ford, Dell, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jaguar, Bank of America, Deloitte, and many others.

As a Forbes published contributor and Agency Council Member, Michael leverages experience and expertise on a wide range of topics for the Forbes platform. Additionally, he is continually featured on numerous expert panel discussions where he shares his expertise and insights on disruptive strategy, marketing, media, and agency specific issues. He is also an official member of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Media (AIVA) – sitting on a select panel of some of the most creative minds in the world.

Michael focuses a lot of media surrounding stories and movements for social good. The media he created for iTribe Social Inc’s #MentalHealthAwareness campaign brought home 6 MUSE Awards in May 2019 while bringing awareness to over 80,000 people.

Smith is currently writing a book that he is keeping tightly under wraps. It will focus on a calculated approach to creativity within disruptive strategy.

“Meaningful digital content can not only benefit individuals but the world around us as a whole. Living in a fast paced, digital world of consumption, it is more important than ever that those who are able to provide meaningful content that inspires, educates, and move important conversations forward should feel a responsibility to do so.”