Covid-19 Nagpur Has Reported 95 New Cases Active Patients With 350

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Nagpur Distt Reports 180 New COVID Cases | Our Nagpur

Nagpur: The second Capital of the State detected an astounding 95 new instances of Covid-19 on the day. There has been no fatality been confirmed in Nagpur. Nagpur district, and 41 people were successfully rescued within a single day.

In the 85 cases, 44 were confirmed from Nagpur rural, and 51 cases were originated from Nagpur city. The majority of patients were outside Nagpur city.

The total number of sample (2,520 RRT-PCR as well as 395 Rapid Antigen) were analyzed in the last 24 hours.

The latest update shows that the number of patients currently enrolled has increased to 350.