Blow for schools, state govt reduces fee for RTE students by 50%

Delhi Schools Reopening

As we know, due to the pandemic, the schools in the state are struggling to bear the teachers and staff salaries and other expenses, on the other hand the Maharashtra Government reduced the reimbursement fees of students enrolled under the Right To Education (RTE) Act by 50 per cent. Parents are also urging schools to reduce fees in the coming academic year due to continuation of on-line classes. Amid this crisis situation, the new Government Resolution (GR) of fees cut becomes a blow for the students.

As per information, schools, both private and aided, have to reserve 25 per cent seats for students (between ages 6 and 14) based on economic status or caste-based reservations. The fee is reimbursed by the state. The admission process under RTE is completely on online basis. For the academic year 2020- 21, the fees for RTE students have been fixed at Rs 8,000, and earlier it was Rs 17,670. Members of city based RTE Foundation; representing 3,000 English medium schools are also demanding their pending fees for the year 2017-18. They urged State Government to release the fund of Rs 800 crore which is pending. Amid this situation, the reimbursement fees cut by 50 per cent will raise the burden. RTE Foundation stated these fees cut an atrocity over the schools who are struggling for their survival amid this crisis period. As per the RTE Act, Central Government has to release 60 per cent and State Government has to release 40 per cent fund to schools under the RTE. But the govt is not releasing the required fund really creating trouble for the schools.