Betul resident gets relief from Nerve tumors Dr. Shailesh Kelkar successfully performs intricate nerve tumor surgeries

Nagpur : A 39 years old male, from Betul, MP, came to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute with h/o severe pain & weakness in Lt. Leg and difficulty in walking since 6 months. He was diagnosed as Neurofibromatosis Lt. Leg with neuropathy and had been attending various hospitals of City and Central India and even approached AIIMS and Medanta Hospital, New Delhi but no relief. They were conveyed that there is chance of losing power in left leg after surgery. He used to shrike in pain due to the radiating pain caused by compression of two main nerves by the tumors. He came to OCHRI after being counselled by his father. He was admitted under care of Dr. Shailesh Kelkar- OCHRI Senior Neurosurgeon. He was thoroughly investigated and diagnosed as Neurofibromatosis encasing the Left femoral and Left Tibial nerves with related Neuropathy. Inspite of risks involved; his relatives having complete faith on OCHRI due to previous successful treatment gained by many of Betul residents since last 23 years; consented for surgical intervention by Dr. Shailesh Kelkar as it was very unbearably painful for the patient.

Dr. Shailesh Kelkar said that “Neurofibromas tend to encase the nerve roots, in contrast to schwannomas which commonly displace the nerve root due to their asymmetric growth. Schwannomas are usually round, whereas Neurofibromas are more commonly fusiform.” This patient was suffering from Plexiform Neurofibromatosis and had to be excised as it was causing compressive symptoms on two important left leg nerves, he added.

The intricate surgery for resection of rare and complicatedly positioned tumors over both Left Femoral & Tibial nerves was performed by Dr. Shailesh Kelkar. Dr. Neeta Deshpande-Anesthetist provided the necessary anesthesia. Dr. Kavita Dhurvey, SMO Incharge- Surgery and Sr. Geetanjali assisted them. Dr. Rajesh Atal, Critical Care Physician look after pre & post-operative management. Dr. Milind Pande- Pathologist and Dr. Nishikant Lokhande, Radiologist rendered diagnostic support while full time round the clock team of medical officers Dr. Mayur, Dr. Usha, Dr. Swati, Dr. Rivyani led by Dr. Anit Prakash, SMO I/c Wards provided necessary post op care. Smt.Nisha Ashok and Sr. Jaismita Bhongale led nursing & paramedical team in Operation theatre and wards while Dr.Atul Dekate led the team of Physiotherapists. The surgery was uneventful and post operatively; he was happy, ambulatory and discharged home. The relatives thanked TEAM OCHRI led by Dr. Shailesh Kelkar for the care and concern.

Dr. Anup Marar- OCHRI Director complimented Dr. Shailesh Kelkar and his team and stated that although many head injury “hot” cases are routinely managed at OCHRI; it is “Cold” neurological case management (like tumors etc.) that proves the surgical acumen of OCHRI Department of Neurosurgery which presently comprises of 3 Neurosurgeons Dr. Shailesh Kelkar, Dr. Sumit Hire and Dr. Shailendra Anjankar. Needy central Indians with varied brain and spine tumors apart from spinal disc complaints reach OCHRI to seek solace in view of the round the clock comprehensive diagnostic, surgical, critical care and rehabilitation facilities available under one roof. He thanked the family for having shown faith on OCHRI after having visited best of centers in India. He added that OCHRI attracts many needy patients from Betul and others districts of Madhya Pradesh and even Chhattisgarh for varied diseases.

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