Best Website Migration Service Providers


Check Below is the list of companies currently providing the Best Website Migration Service Globally;

  • Wipro

Wipro takes a hybrid and multi-cloud approach to migration for both small businesses and large corporations. The company has always been lauded in the industry for the several functions they simplify, like analytics integration, contract management, etc. It is currently gaining recognition by offering innovative migration solutions.

When opting for Wipro’s services, you get the assistance of experts who deliver round-the-clock management of services. They help your organization with everything from reporting on the cost to automation and availability monitoring.

Wipro serves as an ideal migration company due to its commitment to migration bolstered by faster delivery and reduced costs.


  • Capgemini

Capgemini is yet another formidable name in the IT industry that specializes in accelerating the digital transformation journey of large enterprises. The company currently has migration specialists that exhibit sector-specific expertise.


  • Fusion Technologies

It’s not unusual to utilize a site migration service to transfer your site from your previous host to a brand new server or move from one website to another or select a different platform for the website.

We can assist you with the transfer process. We offer our expertise to assist your company in transferring its website without interruptions in links and downtime, as well as database errors and other critical issues.

Because “migration” is a broad term, it’s essential to define it in order to be able to understand the different kinds of transfers will meet your requirements:

  • Content
  • Domain Name
  • Top-Level Domain Change
  • Replatforming
  • Subdomain
  • Structure
  • Redesign
  • Deloitte

Deloitte’s team of migration professionals assist you with the entire transition process by leveraging powerful assessment tools. These tools can analyze applications to find dependencies.

This helps the migration team determine whether it is safe to move legacy applications.


  •  ScienceSoft 

ScienceSoft is a widely recognized migration provider with 10+ years of experience in consulting and migration services. Their advantage is that they evaluate migration’s technical and economic feasibility at the beginning of each project and investigate whether and how ROI can be increased.

ScienceSoft’s experts are known for their proactive approach and unfailing commitment to meeting their customers’ needs. They take great pride in delivering solutions that are reliable, secure, and loved by both end users and in-house IT teams.


  • Logicworks

Logicworks performs a wide range of migration operations, from beginning to end. The company particularly excels at architecting a cloud environment that imbibes the quality of security, scale, resiliency, and efficiency. Their service also allows you to leverage AWS and Azure funding programs to offset costs.


  • Cloudways

Cloudways efficiently uses migration strategies that are best suitable to your business needs. The company is home to experienced professionals who assist in helping you migrate to both public and private cloud environments. You can trust their team to assist you in the process every step of the way.


  • Onica

Onica takes a pipeline-driven approach to migration in order to deliver a service that is less prone to errors or redundancy. Instead, what you get is a migration service that is efficiently accelerated, and automated, and serves as an immaculate operating model for any migration action.


  • Dreamhost

We move it all. Everything associated with your website is perfectly copied, re-installed, and re-configured on your new server so there is no perceivable change to your front end.

  1.  Software
  2.  Databases
  3.  Files & Code
  4.  Content
  5.  Domain Migration (optional)


  6.  E-commerce Orders


  • Autify

The way in which you migrate your website can significantly impact your search engine rankings, link structure, downtime, content quality, user experience, and much more. Our website migration service negates potentially costly risks from start to finish.


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