Top AWS Managed Service Provider Companies


Check Below is the list of companies currently providing the Best AWS Managed Service;


DICEUS is an AWS service provider headquartered in US and Europe. The company specializes in AWS cloud migration and transformation, AWS cloud management, support, and consulting.

DICEUS offers a full-cycle development, that includes a business analysis stage, planning, UI/UX design, engineering, testing, deployment, and maintenance. In addition, here you can get all types of cloud-related services (data migration, cloud computing, cloud consulting, cloud migration, etc.).


  • Accenture

Accenture was launched in 1989, with its Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. From 2015, Accenture is providing AWS Managed Services. Accenture is a management consulting and outsourcing company. It also provides technology services.

Accenture provides its services to organizations in more than 120 countries. They provide their services to many industries like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Health, etc.


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  • Smartronix

Smartronix was launched in 1995 with its headquarters in Maryland. Smartronix is an AWS premier consulting partner since 2013.

It offers many other services like Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Software Development, and Network Operations.


  • Capgemini

Capgemini was launched in 1967 with its headquarters in Paris, France. Including AWS-managed services, Capgemini provides services for technology, digital, security, business, etc. They provide their services to many industries like automotive, telecom, insurance, Electronics, Banking & Capital, etc.


  • Fusion Technologies

Fusion Technologies Provides AWS Managed services Globally, they will manage your AWS cloud infrastructure while you focus on growing your business. Get complete peace of mind with our managed AWS hosting services.


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  • Onica

Other than AWS-managed services, the services provided by Onica include DevOps transformation, Migration, Security, Data & Analytics, etc. It has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Orange County, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Houston.

Onica has won several awards for its services.


  • Ensono

Ensono was launched in 1947 with its Headquarters in Downers Grove, IL. In 2012, Ensono started working with AWS. Ensono works in consulting & advisory and also provides hybrid IT Services in Cloud, Managed Infrastructure, Application services, and Mainframe & Midrange.


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  • CloudNexa

Cloudnexa has offices in Pennsylvania and Egypt. It is an AWS partner since 2008. They provide you with a set of services, based on your business.


  • Cloudreach

Cloudreach provides cloud services to organizations. Including AWS, provides support for Azure and Google Cloud. The company was launched in 2009 with its headquarters in London, UK.

It also has offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Chicago, Cologne, Dallas, New York City, etc. Cloudreach provides financial services, Security services, DevOps and Managed services.


  • Logicata

Logicata is a UK headquartered AWS Managed Services provider. A member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, Logicata leverage a suite of advanced tooling to ensure that customer’s Amazon Web Services environments are cost-efficient, secure, and compliant.

As a cloud-native managed service provider, Logicata is free from the management of on-premise and datacentre IT infrastructure, ensuring that they can focus on helping businesses extract maximum value from their investment in public cloud technology.


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