Baby Selling Racket Busted in Nagpur, Four Nurses Held

Baby Selling Racket

Nagpur: The Anti-human Trafficking Department of Nagpur Crime Branch has arrested four persons, including three women, on charges of selling and buying babies. The incident has again exposed the illicit rackets of baby selling and buying flourishing in the Second Capital of the State.

According to police sources, a 58-year-old woman resident of Surendragarh had two sons. Some time ago, her younger son committed suicide. Since then, the elder son used to allegedly harassed her for the property. Once, he even beat her up following which she had reported the matter to the police. She wanted to have another child.

She unsuccessfully explored the option of in-vitro fertilization or IVF.

While in search of a baby, she got acquainted with two nurses in a private hospital. When she shared her desperation with them, the nurses allegedly got her in touch with one Salamullah. In September 2019, the man allegedly sold her a baby for Rs 3 lakh. The woman’s elder son was not happy with this. Recently, he reported to the police that she had bought the baby.

Accordingly, the Anti Human Trafficking Department of Crime Branch of City Police arrested the woman, two nurses, and Salamullah. The cops produced the accused before the court and obtained their police custody till Saturday