Attack on Pawar’s home: Mumbai police arrest aide of Adv Sadavarte in Nagpur

gunaratna Sadavarte
gunaratna Sadavarte

Nagpur: A team of Mumbai Police on Wednesday arrested an aide of Adv Sadavarte in connection with the attack by ST workers on NCP President Sharad Pawar’s Silver Oak residence in Mumbai. Adv Gunaratna Sadavarte has already been arrested in the case.

The arrested aide has been identified as Sandip Giridhar Godbole, an ST employee and a resident of Ganeshpeth area in the city. Adv Sadavarte was in touch with Godbole at the time of the attack. Sandeep is an employee of the Mechanical Department of ST and was recently suspended by the Corporation.

A Mumbai police team arrived at Nagpur on Wednesday morning. With the help of Ganeshpeth Police, the police traced the residential address of Godbole in Ganeshpeth area.

As Godbole had gone to Jalalkheda, the police team visited Jalalkheda and arrested him. The police took Godbole to Mumbai by train on Wednesday night. Godbole’s role came to fore in the cyber forensic report of Adv Sadavarte’s mobile phone. The lawyer had contacted Godbole twice before last Friday.