Adopt a healthier lifestyle during these difficult times, with a handful of almonds everyday!


30th September, 2020: As people across the world, and India in particular adapt to the new definition of normal amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Almond Board of California, today, hosted a session around ‘The importance of ensuring family health and nutrition amidst a pandemic’. The discussion focused on the current health situation in the country and highlighted preventive measures families can include within their daily diets and lifestyles. Leading the session was well known Marathi actor, Urmila Kothare, along with Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Sheela Krishnaswamy.

Through the discussion, Urmila and Sheela shared anecdotes and examples from their personal lives, prompting families across India to pay special attention to their lifestyles and dietary habits during the pandemic. This also included a special focus on dietary patters and lifestyle adjustments for children as most attend school from home during the lockdown, with minimal outdoor contact, and physical activities, leading to stressful and erratic schedules for both parents and the children. Besides these, the session also highlighted the importance of eating nutritious meals, exercising and inculcating conscious snacking habits for all family members – parents, children or the elderly. To address this, the guests suggested small changes that families can incorporate into their lifestyles to strengthen immunity, enhance safety and increase overall preparedness.

Commenting on the need to focus on immunity by consuming nutrients that enhance it, popular Marathi actor, Urmila Kothare, said, “While the world continues to work tirelessly to find a cure for Covid-19, I feel it’s also my responsibility to undertake preventive measures to help in ensuring my family’s safety and good health. As we learn to adjust to this new sense of normal, the most important thing we can do is pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle incorporating regular exercise and proper nutrition which includes immunity supporting foods like almonds. Almonds are a source of zinc, which plays an important role in growth, development, and the maintenance of immune function. I make sure my family and I eat a handful of almonds every day, and urge others to do so as well.”

Awareness around good food choices, and snacking habits is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, especially now when the world around us is adapting to these difficult times. But besides this, it’s also pertinent to stay fit by incorporating some form of physical exercise in the routine, and also maintain a positive attitude while adapting to these unprecedented times.

During the session, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Sheela Krishnaswamy said, “The current pandemic has highlighted more than ever, the need for proper nutrition amongst Indian families. Many Indians suffer from ailments such as blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and obesity, and in many cases these existing co-morbidities have led to fatalities in Covid19 patients. Whether you are suffering from one of the aforementioned ailments, or are at risk, be sure to include nuts like almonds to your family and your daily diet as they are nutrient rich and add to the body’s overall health.

Additionally, almonds also contain copper, zinc, folate, iron and vitamin E, nutrients that are known to contribute in supporting the immune function. And years of scientific research has also established the benefits of daily almond consumption across heart health, diabetes and weight management. So, be sure to include almonds in your family’s and your diet every day, for longer term health benefits.”
As several families spend most of their times at home, it’s now more important than ever – to reevaluate the family’s nutrition and lifestyle choices, and make the necessary revisions that can add value to every member’s heath in the longer run. By making these dietary and lifestyle changes like incorporating nutritious foods like almonds and exercising regularly, families across India can make a healthy difference to their lives and strengthen their immunity while talking relevant precautions to keep themselves safe from the ongoing outbreak.