Agnipath Protests: Opposition Parties Instigating Youth To Commit Violence -Gen V K Singh


Nagpur: Nagpur Former Union Minister of state and Army chief general V K Singh (Retd) PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC, on Sunday said he was accusing Congress as well as other opposition parties of causing tension and inciting youth to protest Agnipath. Agnipath scheme. General V K Singh was in Nagpur to attend the Janakrosh program on Sunday.

General Singh stated that Congress had a tendency to politicize the issue of recruitment for short-term purposes for the military as the party was unhappy about the ongoing action initiated towards Rahul Gandhi, a member of The Enforcement Directorate. Because the “visionless Opposition is not able to do, it’s inciting a controversy about the Agnipath scheme, even before introduction, he said.

Speaking to the medical personnel at the IMA Hall on Sunday the former Chief of the Army Staff said, “Agnipath Program first became a reality in the aftermath of the Kargil war , when it was the time that Kargil Review Committee was formed by the government. The scheme was in the process of development , and was not yet executed.” The government had a need for compulsory military training for the citizens of India during a period of 30 to 40 years prior to.

The Agnipath program is encouraging the same. These (Agniveers) with the truly skilled will be able to remain within the army, and those who aren’t will have the chance to look into various fields and professions within 4 years, according to the General. The Minister stated that the Army has not been an employer of large scale. It is a completely voluntary force. Individuals join the army or other forces at their own discretion after satisfying certain conditions.

In a reference to his thoughts on the Emergency Commissioning Scheme of soldiers and officers in the war in 1961 General McClellan said “The personnel and officers who were commissioned into the Army during the war between India and China under the emergency program were successful. But, the government shut down the program in 1965 however, no one has opposed the decision. Following their departure the soldiers enrolled in various jobs in corporate and administrative services with their own merits.”

Within four years 75% of the Agniveers are able to join different professions based on their merits due to the training they receive in the military, according to General Singh. In light of the fact that there was no recruitment over the past two years because of COVID-19 The government has increased the age for recruitment as an Agniveer to 23 from 21 years. For those who have been training for the armed forces over the past two years may also submit an application for Agnipath scheme, according to the Minister.

In a discussion about the violence across the nation General Singh declared, “Chief Ministers of those states where violence is occurring are required to step up and work to end these incidents. Instead, they blame authorities at the Central Government for the Agnipath Scheme.”

“If the employees (Agniveers) are successful in their work, 25 percent of them will remain within the organization. Additionally, the remaining members will receive a lucrative financial reward too. States such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh as and the home department have pledged that they will give priority to the troops,” he said.

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