After ‘Go Corona Go slogan’, ‘Om Corona Bhag Swaha’ video goes viral

After 'Go Corona Go slogan', 'Om Corona Bhag Swaha' video goes viral

After the Go Corona Go slogan by Union Minister Ramdas Athawale last year became an internet sensation, we may have now found the next pandemic anthem. In a recent viral video, a priest is seen performing a yagna to ward off Covid-19 while chanting ‘Om Corona Bhag Swaha.’

In the video, the priest is emphatically chanting, “Om Corona Corona Corona Corona Bhag Bhag Bhag Bhag Bhag, Swaha,” and then put the ahutis (offerings) in the fire. The priest raises his pitch with every word to drive away from the evil virus in his own style.

This viral antic was shared on Instagram by photographer Varinder Chawla who perfectly captioned the video as Go Corona Go Version 2.0.

Users were also quick to pick on the video and left some hilarious comments. “Corona left,” one user said sarcastically, while another topped it by joking, “Le Corona: izzat hee nahi hai.”



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Such funny but bizarre instances are the result of people keeping faith above science. Similarly, during the start of the pandemic in India last March, a group of women were seen chanting, “Corona Bhag Ja.” The slogan had become an instant hit with the netizens. This year, a lot of people are also organising havans at their homes to kill the deadly virus.

While such videos provide much-needed comic relief amid the pandemic, they also indicate the disregard towards medical science which has given us not just one but multiple vaccines to effectively eliminate the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Covid situation in the country continues to remain serious. Despite daily cases falling to the 2.50 lakh, over 4,000 casualties are being recorded every day. India is facing a grim situation right now, as the villages have been badly affected with the virus, with poor healthcare infrastructure, and limited reach to the mass.