10 Little Known Countries That You Should Definitely Visit

10 Little Known Countries That You Should Definitely Visit

10 Little Known Countries that you should definitely visit: While everyone has heard of places like France, England, and the USA, there are actually 196 countries in the world today and many of those, you probably never even knew existed, let alone ever thought of visiting. Some of these countries are hard to get to and some have virtually no tourist industry at all, but that’s what makes visiting the more unusual countries so fascinating. So, if you are bored with packaged tours, run of the mill hotels, and looking at tourist attractions that everyone else has already seen, check out these 10 Little Known Countries that would be well worth a visit.

1. Federated States of Micronesia
If your idea of vacationing is parking yourself in a serene and pristine island, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), in Pacific Ocean, is the right choice. Unlike the more popular island destinations, FSM lets you enjoy the unadulterated beauty of nature, climatic diversity and ancient history.

2. Nagorno Karabakh
This landlocked region in the South Caucasus is for those of you who love to lose themselves to the splendour of mountainous terrains and forest covers. From hornbeam, beech and oak to birchwood and alpine meadows, this is one country that amazes you with the scintillating variety of its flora.

3. Liechtensteinbest international packages

Sharing its borders with Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is better known for winter sports and is more popular than others on the lesser-known destinations list. With lush green landscapes, mountains and crystal clear lakes, Liechtenstein is any nature lover’s delight.

4. AndorraCustomized holiday packages, Andorra

The Valleys of Andorra give you the best of both worlds. While the fresh breeze of mountains and sparkling beauty of lakes keep you close to nature, you also get to pamper yourself at some luxury hotels. From sports & adventure activities to shopping and gastronomy, you get the best of everything!

5. Burkina FasoBurkina Faso, burkina faso travel packages

This landlocked country in West Africa is for travellers exploring people and culture. The one striking thing about Burkina Faso is that the people of the land display warmth and hospitality, especially if you show a keen interest in their culture. A must-visit if anthropology intrigues you.

6. KiribatiKiribati,kiribati travel trip

Situated in the central Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is the best bet for those of you who desire pure enjoyment of bird-watching, fishing and diving. Well, there’s another amazing reason to visit this place. The country spans across all the four hemispheres of the globe!

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7. NauruNauru, honeymoon tour packages

An island country in Micronesia, Nauru was once known as Pleasant Island. Rich in phosphate resources, this island will amaze geology and geography enthusiasts. With its ancient history and interesting geographical profile, Nauru is a must visit for those who yearn for solitude of nature.

8. Palau Palau travel trip, International travel packages

Does the underwater world intrigue you more than anything else? Think no further and head straight to Palau travel trip. This Presidential Republic in the Micronesia is a perfect destination for scuba-diving and snorkelling. The coral reefs and marine beauty will give you many ‘wow’ moments.

9. Mayotte tourismmayotte tourism, best international packages,

Another lesser-known country, Mayotte is situated between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. Thanks to its unique ethnic, linguistic, geographic and demographic profile, Mayotte is a must visit for those exploring culture and nature.

10. Wallis & Futuna wallis futuna tourism

A French island in the South Pacific, the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna tourism Islands, is for travellers who enjoy the offerings of warm tropical weather. Catch a glimpse of the Samoan culture and check out the rich history of this land, which is sandwiched between Samoa and Fiji.