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Utkal Divas or Utakala Dibasha is celebrated on April 1 every year to commemorate the formation of the state of Odisha after a struggle to be recognized as an independent state.

History of Utkal Diwas

Odisha used to form a major portion of the ancient Kalinga. The region witnessed the epic “Kalinga War” led by King Ashoka who invaded and conquered the region in 260 BC.  Later, the state was invaded and taken over by the Mughals till the British took over the administrative powers of the region and divided it into small units in 1803. The western and northern districts became a part of the state of Bengal while the coastal region formed the basis of Bihar and Odisha (then known as Orissa).  After decades of struggle under the leadership of Odisha’s eminent leaders, the new province came into existence on the 1st of April 1936. The state has seen another change, now the name changes from Orissa to Odisha. In 1912, Orissa and Bihar were formed and on 1 April 1936, Odisha was formed.

Utkal Diwas or Odisha Foundation Day 2024 Significance

Odisha is the third largest state in India in terms of tribal population. It has been ruled by several rulers throughout history. Cuttack served as the state capital from 1135 to 1948, after which Bhubaneswar took over.  More than 31 percent of the state is covered with forests and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Odisha also bears the footprints of early human civilizations and many prehistoric tools dating back to the Paleolithic period have been discovered in the region. On Utkal Diwas, people participate in local cultural events organized by political leaders and watch in a colorful way. Indigenous people celebrate the spirit of Odisha by greeting each other, singing songs, and immersing themselves in the state’s history, heritage, arts and traditions.  During the festival, the brave leaders who fought to build the country are also remembered and honored by the people.

Why is Odisha Day important for the people of Odisha?

The locale got to be portion of Kalinga after it was prevailed by Magadha Lord Ashoka in 261 BC to grow his Mauryan run the show. After Mauryan run the show, Ruler Kharavela’s run the show started in Odisha. Kharavela overseen to vindicate the Mauryan attack by vanquishing Magadh. Students of history credit Kharavela for laying the establishment for Odisha’s acclaim as a arrive of craftsmanship, design, and design. He moreover overseen to set up a capable political state.

Gajapati Mukunda Deva was the final Hindu lord of Odisha. He was crushed by the Mughals in 1576. A number of hundred a long time afterward, the British took over and partitioned the state into distinctive parts. The northern and western locale of the state got to be portion of what was at that point called Bengal administration.

History of the Formation of Odisha

Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, was established as a separate state in India on 1 April  1936. The need for a separate province arose for linguistic, cultural and political reasons, among which Leaders like Madhusudan Das played an important role. The formation was brought about through the Government of India Act, 1935, which marked an important milestone in the history and identity of Odisha.

Utkal Diwas or Odisha Foundation Day 2024 Quotes

  • Let us celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Odisha this Utkal Diwas, celebrating the spirit of unity and progress.
  • May the land of Odisha continue to prosper with resilience, wisdom, and prosperity. Happy Utkal Diwas!
  • On Odisha Foundation Day, let us cherish our roots, cherish our diversity, and strive together for a better future.
  • Utkal Divas is a reminder of our glorious past, a celebration of our vibrant present and a vision of our promising future.
  • As we celebrate the Foundation Day of Odisha, let us commit to preserving our traditions, upholding our values, ​​and building a better future for generations to come.
  • Celebrate the spirit of unity and heritage on the occasion of Odisha Foundation Day. May our country continue to prosper and shine.
  • Utkala Diwas is a tribute to our past, a celebration of our present and a promise of a better future.
  • On this auspicious day, let us celebrate the culture, traditions, and resilience of Odisha. Happy Utkal Diwas!
  • With pride in our hearts and determination in our actions, let us mark the Foundation Day of Odisha with joy and hope.
  • Utkal Diwas is a reminder of our rich history and a call to embrace progress and development for a prosperous Odisha.
  • Wishing everyone a happy Utkal Diwas! Let our cultural colors paint a bright future for Odisha.
  • As we celebrate Odisha Foundation Day, let us renew our commitment to unity, progress and inclusive growth.
  • .On this special occasion, let us reflect on our journey, celebrate our achievements, and aspire to greater heights as proud Odisha.
  • Utkala Diwas is a day to cherish our roots, celebrate our heritage and envision a prosperous future for Odisha.

Wishes For Utkal Diwas or Odisha Foundation Day 2024

  • We wish everyone a Happy Odisha Day! May this special day bring joy, prosperity and success to all Odisha around the world.
  • On the occasion of Odisha Day, let us celebrate the rich culture, heritage and traditions of our beloved country. Congratulations Utkala Diwas!
  • Sending warm wishes on the occasion of Odisha day! May the spirit of unity and progress continue to grow in Odisha.
  • Happy Utkal Diwas to all Odisha! May this day inspire us to defend our values, strive for development and contribute to a better future.
  • Warm wishes for Odisha Day! Let’s cherish our roots, embrace diversity, and strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • May the cultural and traditional colors of Odisha light up your life on this special day. Happy Odisha day!
  • Wishing you happiness, success, and prosperity on Odisha Day. Let us celebrate the spirit of solidarity and friendliness.
  • Congratulations Utkala Diwas! May the land of Odisha continue to prosper, and its people enjoy peace and prosperity.
  • On this auspicious day, let us remember the sacrifices of our ancestors and work for progressive and inclusive Odisha. Happy Odisha day!
  • This state has contributed altogether to the nation’s history, checking a exceptional expansion to our collective legacy. We see forward to your considerable interest in forming a modern and dynamic India.

Conclusion : On this auspicious occasion of Utkal Diwas, let us extend warm wishes to all those who are celebrating, embracing the rich heritage of Odisha. May this Utkal Diwas fill everyone’s hearts with joy, unity and cultural pride. Our Nagpur wishes everyone a vibrant and happy Utkal Diwas!.

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