WhatsApp launches new ‘Private Reply’ feature for Group Chats

जर तुम्ही 'हे काम' केले नाही तर १५ मे ला बंद होईल तुमचे व्हॉट्सअ‍ॅप अकाउंट

WhatsApp, which has become an indispensable app for many, will now be streamlined even further. A new ‘private reply’ feature will make it easier for you to send a private message to a group chat participant, thereby, cutting down the number of steps in between. The app has come a long way, from enabling people to send texts and pictures, to introducing location sharing and Snapchat-style story features. But since there is no such thing as free lunch, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp will no longer be ads-free.

The nifty ‘Private Reply” feature is now being rolled out to Android Beta users. Basically, this feature will enable you to send a private message to a person in a WhatsApp group. This will save you the hassle of having to navigate to a new chat window. Moreover, the reply would remain contextual, which is kind of the same thing that happens with quote messages on WhatsApp. This way, there would be no confusion. You would be able to get your point across to the intended group participant, and the other group members will not be privy to that conversation.

This feature is a part of the latest v2.18.335 Beta update. To use this feature, just long press a message in a group chat, tap on the three dots and choose the new ‘Reply privately’ option. This will redirect you to a personal chat window with the intended participant and the message will also be quoted so that there is no confusion.

Just to be clear, this is not an incognito mode. This feature is just facilitating the transition from the group chat window to the personal chat window, and the chat will not be deleted automatically once you are done.

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