What is brewing?! Sony SAB’s Haseena Malik and Amar Vidrohi’s adorable banter is hard to miss!

What is brewing?! Sony SAB’s Haseena Malik and Amar Vidrohi’s adorable banter is hard to miss!
What is brewing?! Sony SAB’s Haseena Malik and Amar Vidrohi’s adorable banter is hard to miss!

With their competitive attitude, a healthy rivalry and often humorous exchange on Sony SABs Maddam Sir, SHO Haseena Malik (Gulki Joshi) and SHO Amar Vidrohi (Savi Thakur) have been entertaining us.

Ever since Amar Vidrohi and his squad have arrived, the mahila police thana has lost some of its charm and its uniqueness has gone astray with the two SHOs bickering over cases and decision making. This has caused many hilarious bets and challenges between the two teams of the thana , which has altogether brought in a new vibe adding excitement.

Our main source of entertainment right now is the bet made between the two SHOs, in which the loser is required to salute the winner as they enter the police station. After Amar Vidrohi loses the bet, Deewanji, as a trustworthy coworker and friend, warns him not to enter the thana because he will be forced to adhere to the terms of the bet.

Despite their ongoing conflicts, the two SHOs of the police station have a great deal of respect for one another. Amar tries his best to get along with Haseena and her team, he respects their work and while Haseena too shares these thoughts, she also makes things tough for him because she doesn’t like how Amar and his teams presence invalidates their hard-earned status as mahila police thana.

Regardless of this, they always look out for one another in times of need and operate better together as a team. They share a terrific work chemistry and have each other’s back.

Will this rivalry open the door for the emergence of a brand-new friendship?

Savi Thakur who plays SHO Amar Vidrohi shares his thoughts on the hot and cold on screen he has with Haseena Malik, “Amar and Haseena take great pride in their jobs and since both are SHOs who are forced to share the police station, they often end up bickering and attempting to undermine each other’s authority. I feel though, when it comes to getting the job done, they often team up whenever necessary and the criminals stand no chance against their combo. Amar has great respect for women, especially the women police officers at the police station who he feels do an admirable job at serving justice and solving crimes.”

Gulki Joshi who essays the role of SHO Haseena Malik, feels the same and further adds, “Yes, it displeases Haseena and her team of women officers that their coalition with Amar Vidrohi and his team takes away the authenticity of women’s police thana, but she has great respect for them and their work especially Amar. As oblivious they are about it, I feel them working together is the ultimate threat for the criminals. We promise you, there’s going to be a lot more of their entertaining banters and action-packed crime busting!”