Vindicated, Will Push For Parliament Debate On Pegasus, Says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress’s Rahul Gandhi welcomed the Supreme Court order for a probe into the Pegasus spyware row, saying the opposition is “vindicated” since the judges have made the points it was flagging. “We protested, but no reply. We stopped Parliament, but we still did not get a reply. Now our stand is vindicated. So, our questions remain the same,” Mr. Gandhi said.

“Who authorized Pegasus? Who has bought Pegasus? Who are the victims of Pegasus snooping? Who all have been attacked? Did any other nation have data on our people? What all information do they have? These are the 3 basic questions we had asked,” Mr. Gandhi told reporters today.

The opposition, he said, will push for a debate again in parliament. “Surely the BJP will not want that discussion, but we will push for it. The matter is in court now and the court will take it forward, but we will push for a debate in Parliament.

Pegasus, he said, can only be bought by a government, and “either the Prime Minister or Home Minister had given the go-ahead”.

“If the PM of the nation colluded with another nation and attacked its own citizens — which included the Chief Justice, former PMs, and other Chief Ministers, leaders of opposition parties, then this is an attack on the nation,” he added.