VIDEO: Bikers find themselves caught between TWO tigers at Tadoba; watch what happens next

Two men found themselves in a grave situation when they crossed path with not one, but two tigers just a few feet away. A spine-chilling video of the incident went viral on social media.

tiger tadoba

Ever seen an uncaged tiger up close? Doesn’t it send shivers down your spine just thinking about it? In an appalling incident in a forest near Nagpur, Maharashtra, two men on a bike found themselves in a baffling situation when they saw two full-grown tigers just a few feet away from them. A video of the same, shot at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, shows the men with a tiger right in front of them, and a few minutes later, notice another one behind. Quite interestingly, the tigers did not attack the two men and left them unharmed.

The 4.18-minute clip captures the scene with two men on their bike when a tiger walked right in front of them and stared at them for a while. A few minutes later, it left them unharmed while they continued to remain stationary. Soon, another tiger appeared from behind and in the clip, the two men can be seen looking back at the second tiger in shock. Fortunately, even the second tiger left the two unharmed. Reportedly, the video was shot by people who were in a car just a few meters away from the bikers.

Watch the video here.

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