Trailer For The Biggest Cinematic Spectacle, ‘Brahmastra’ Has Been Released


Today’s trailer for the film ‘Brahmastra’, one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, has finally been released. This trailer is a visual treat for movie-genre fans.

Brahmastra, a drama-fantasy film, is heavily influenced by Indian mythology. It is set in modern times with epic storytelling that combines fantasy, adventure and love. All this is done using cutting-edge technology and never-seen before visual spectacles.

Brahmastra The Trilogy is a trilogy of films that marks the beginning of India’s first original universe, The Astraverse. The story takes place in modern India against the backdrop of a secret society called Brahmansh, who have for many generations protected the divine Astras (weapons), that were created in ancient India and kept them safe from the rest of the world.

The Lord of all the Other Astras is the most powerful and deadly of these divine weapons. It’s named after the most powerful weapon among the Gods, Brahmastra. It threatens to destroy all that we know about the universe.

Part one tells the story about Shiva, our protagonist. He is a young man who is on the verge of an epic love affair with Isha. Shiva discovers that Shiva has a mysterious connection with the Brahmastra and a great power in him that he doesn’t fully understand – the power to Fire.

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