This Summer- Visit Greece and explore world history.

Contemporary civilization has a lot to acknowledge the Ancient Greeks for, and now we can experience the wonderful and compelling history that took place here. Lots of magnificent structures, temples, historic and artistic sites to traverse. If you like antiquity, you won’t be dissatisfied! During vacation, Greece grants its guests some of the best nightlife exhibitions in all of Europe with loads of festivities and crazy music events. In an extension of that, there are many restaurants and bars that are open until the day-star goes up! 

One of my favorite things to do in Greece is to take private tours to Athens. I always find interesting people and traditional experiences while exploring Athens. It’s unquestionably special, and complete to do if you’re on a guided private tour to Greece.  

Romantic nights, Mediterranean essences, exotic history, Greece is a one-stop destination for the ones who wish to explore. 

This European beauty has certainly transposed out to be the most engaged tourism destination since over a thousand years.  

Every antique Greek city had an acropolis – a peak sustained with strong citadel walls to defend the temple of the protector deity and the city repository. Only Athens’ Acropolis is written with a capital letter, however. The reasons for this go back 2,500 years. Athens won the Greco-Persian Wars, but the ultimate assault of the city had left its acropolis – then still written with a small a – in ruins. In 460 BC the Athenian ruler Pericles, a distinguished army commander, ideological statesmen and art connoisseur, began massive construction on the Acropolis. His goal was to turn the hill into a pompous – but not absolute – demonstration of triumphant Athenian democracy. The development corresponded with the peak of a then-new trend in art, which we now call Classic Antiquity. Pericles ordered the artistic crème de la crème of his day – the architects Ictinus and Callicrates, and the sculptor Phidias. The extravagant sums spent on the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheum and the Parthenon, as well as the two colossal statues of Athena, caused the first known corruption scandal in history. Yet the result was an unprecedented combination of striking landscape, melodic architecture, and striking sculptures and reliefs.  

Best way to reach Athens? 

Private Athens Tours. 

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