The Women of Independent India

women independent India

The Women of Independent India: WOMAN is a full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. None in the world has the power, grace, patience, charm, last but not least love, to create such magic like her. She has been a Ruler and a Fighter from time immemorial.

Given a chance, she can conquer the world equally as men and she has been doing it too. Struggling with, and making it out of the deadliest situations, there are many women who made a mark in the history of woman achievers. Every woman’s journey is an inspiration to all who have fought through all kinds of odds to protect, nurture and help their families fight with the world.

Every Home, every heart, every feeling, every moment of happiness is incomplete without you my lady, everything is incomplete without you.

It is not justified to dedicate a single day to her as she is and has always been the heart and breath of the family.

Always graced with her ability to nurture and transform, a woman ultimately builds a healthy and successful society, without whom it would have collapsed in the blink of an eye.

Although we aim to lead towards a women-empowered society, it just remains word of papers and speeches.

The implementation of this revolutionary idea though…is making very slow and steady progress. The nation has to accept the fact that women are a boon to society and the nation, and then only, will the tide of change come, the dream of a successful nation become a breath-taking reality.

Hey beautiful ladies! It’s a blessing to be a woman. We must feel proud of ourselves. You can do anything and everything with all the dignity and the courage.

Every woman is special in her own way.

So proud to live in a women-empowered city like Nagpur, where the highest responsibilities are on the shoulders of strong women, like Mrs. Vimala R Collector/Magistrate, Mrs. Vinita S, Dy. Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Richa Khare Divisional Railway Manager, and Mrs. Prajakta Verma, Divisional Commissioner.

People of Nagpur are so privileged today while celebrating the 75th year of Indian Independence – as the National flag is hoisted by these super-ladies. Lots of regards and respects to you ma’am.

A big round of applause and respect to all these ladies, who motivate every woman, inspire them to dream big and work hard to achieve success in life.

Thank you so much to each and every lady on earth to make this earth a beautiful paradise.

Ushabhagavati Peri