The New year brings a much-needed upgrade for the students – The Youva Stellar

Mumbai: Youva, the domestic stationery brand from the house of Navneet is all set to begin the new year with the launch of a new sub-category of premium long books ‘Youva Stellar’, a much-required upgrade with an aim to provide a better-quality writing experience for students.

Over the years we have seen so many upgrades in categories like mobile, fashion, automobile but the student longbooks space was neglected. Longbooks are used by college students to write their study notes, practice, and revise answers. It is an integral part of college life and remains with the individual all the time. Many students complain about the paper quality or the impression of ink coming onto the other side of the page while writing. Youva identified this problem and developed a new subcategory for students who want no distractions while studying and that is why it is essentially an upgrade. Youva seeks to introduce this unique product range as a symbol of their progressive move towards enhancing students’ user experience. Over a period of time, everyone evolves. There is a constant thirst to upgrade our lives, habits, preferences and Youva Stellar is an extension of this.

The papers are stylishly designed to boost the writing experience to make the student feel special and confident. The thicker papers (64 gsm) will ensure not leaving any mark on the other side, helping them retain their attention on the work they are doing. It is also a fact that writing on a thicker and better-quality paper inspires one to write with good handwriting.

Stellar longbooks offer a sophisticated and finished matte look. Their designs are innovative and simplistic and yet make a significant impact. It helps build a strong impression without compromising any aspects.

Commenting on the launch of Youva Stellar, Chief Strategy Officer and spokesperson of Youva, Abhijit Sanyal said, “Constant upgradation is essential for one’s growth and development. Long books too need to be made better to enhance the experience of how students learn. Gap in the market was quite evident and that’s why we went for it. Now we can confidently say that we have products for every student’s requirement. We are confident that this premium product with its value-added features will be appreciated by parents and loved by students in the new year. We look forward to seeing our consumers welcome the new upgraded long books.”