Indian cricketer takes to the streets; Distributing food and water to 10000 migrants

there is a time of starvation for the laborers with stomachs on their hands.

Tejinder Singh

Mumbai : The corona virus has increased lockdown in the country. Therefore, there is a time of starvation for the laborers with stomachs on their hands. So they are struggling to get back to their hometowns. Like a sheep or a goat, they are on a lifelong journey on foot or in a mule. Many photos of these workers on foot have gone viral on social media. Everyone’s mind is hurting when they see that photo. An Indian cricketer has taken to the streets to help such migrants.

Tejinder Singh Dhillon, an all-rounder from Kings XI Punjab, takes to the streets to feed the migrant workers. It has so far distributed food and water to 10,000 migrant workers. The 27-year-old from Rajasthan is seen standing on the highway and distributing food to the laborers. He said, “The main highway in Kanpur is 100 meters from my house. Many laborers on their way home from Delhi are seen going this way. I told my family that we should do something for these workers. I then contacted my friends and planned to do something for them. “

“One person in our society has a vegetable business. I asked him to give me some potatoes and some vegetables. We collected about 50 kg of flour from the colony and we also distributed 1400 chapatis. On the first day we helped 1000 laborers and after that the number went up to 5000. It also included small children. We are also giving milk and syrup along with whole vegetables, ”he said.

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