Srinivasan Panchanadam Nathan- A poet on a mission

Whether we have intentionally pursued a personal spirituality or not, our beliefs have a profound impact on our lives. Consciously or subconsciously, it influences us in countless ways. Consider how it impacts our understanding of…

• Ourselves. Does God care about me? Is He mad at me or pleased with me? If there is no God, who am I? And where did I originate?
• Others. Are all lives equal? If so, on what basis? What is my responsibility to care for others?
• Minimalism. If we have removed the pursuit of worldly possessions from our affections, with what will we replace it?
• The world around us. In what specific ways should we care about the world and the environment around us? Is our motivation in this regard more significant than survival of our species? And if so, how do we as humans responsibly interact with it?
• Morality. Is there a moral set of truth for the universe established from a higher power? Or is morality determined by each individual?
• Evil. What am I to understand about the evil and suffering in the world? Is it there for a reason? To what extent should I try to counteract it?
• Money. Does the universe give money/status to some and not others? Or is money/status earned by the individual? What should I do with

Rhythm of Spiritual Beats

it when I obtain it? Do I hold any responsibility to care for those with less?
• Afterlife. Is there life after death? Is death something to be feared or welcomed? And either way, how should I be preparing for it today?

No doubt, our understanding of spirituality carries great influence on our lives. For that reason, one of the most significant journeys we can ever embark upon is the exploration of it.

Exploring the spiritual way of live, through broken lines with hidden meanings, Srini has come up with a awe-inspiring book, Rhythms of Spiritual Beats, which has hit the Indian markets and soon entering the North American book reading ecosystem.

Because of the important role god plays, you will never regret any time spent furthering your understanding of the Universe. The book is teaches you ways on seeking one specific solution to emotions, offering beginning steps in form of poems that are central to our personal exploration of spirituality.

Rhythms of Spiritual Beats is a highly personal matter and will likely result in different outcomes for readers across different age groups, demographics and mental health.