Top 10 Shopify app development companies in USA


The landscape of eCommerce is in constant flux, witnessing increased investment from businesses eager to establish a robust online presence. Among the various eCommerce platforms available, Shopify stands out as a true champion. Nevertheless, given its intricacies, navigating the development process successfully demands expert assistance. This is where engaging the services of a proficient Shopify app development companies becomes crucial. Unfortunately, many companies falter in this decision-making process, often ending up with a provider that falls short of their expectations. To aid in this selection process, we will unveil a curated list of the top ten companies currently dominating the app development market.

  1. Successive Digital

    Successive Digital stands out as a prominent Shopify development company, distinguished for its expertise in crafting comprehensive eCommerce websites and applications. Boasting a dedicated team of Shopify experts well-versed in the intricacies of the platform, the company invites prospective clients to explore their extensive work portfolio. This provides valuable insights into their working style and professionalism, aiding businesses in assessing their capacity to meet specific requirements. Operating globally with offices spread across the world, Successive Digital comprises a team of over 800 professionals. They collaborate closely with clients to grasp their unique needs, delivering tailored mobile app solutions. The company’s stellar reputation extends beyond client testimonials, garnering recognition from esteemed media outlets such as Forbes, YourStory, and India Today. This acclaim solidifies Successive Digital as a trustworthy and reliable choice for businesses seeking expert consultation in app development.

  2. Sunrise Integration

    Sunrise has established itself as a noteworthy player in enterprise solutions and eCommerce app development, boasting a rich portfolio of completed projects numbering in the hundreds. With a decade-long presence in the industry, Sunrise stands as a seasoned business entity. The core strength of their operation lies in their team of data integration experts, who specialize in creating fully customized enterprise software solutions. Their expertise extends across various domains, placing a particular emphasis on eCommerce, logistics, SaaS software, mobile apps, and more. This extensive experience positions Sunrise as a reliable choice for businesses seeking tailored solutions in the realms of enterprise and eCommerce development.

  3. MobiKasa

    Mobikasa emerges as a comprehensive app development company, providing end-to-end solutions across web, mobile apps, and eCommerce. While excelling in Shopify development, they showcase versatility by being proficient in other eCommerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. This broad spectrum of expertise positions Mobikasa as a one-stop destination for businesses seeking diverse and tailored solutions in the realms of web and mobile app development, as well as eCommerce.

  4. SuperCo

    SuperCo stands out as a certified Shopify Plus partner and a seasoned eCommerce expert agency, specializing in delivering comprehensive eCommerce store development services. The primary objective of SuperCo is to facilitate rapid growth, foster loyal communities, and empower Shopify app development companies businesses to reach their maximum potential. With a focus on end-to-end solutions, SuperCo positions itself as a strategic partner for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and achieve substantial growth in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

  5. AmbaumEstablished in 2012, Ambaum has been a stalwart in the eCommerce app development industry, boasting a decade of experience. Their operational philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach, unifying the realms of design, development, and growth. Ambaum strives to amalgamate these elements seamlessly to empower clients and drive optimal outcomes for their businesses. With a dedicated team of Shopify experts, Ambaum specializes in the seamless migration of clients’ existing stores to Shopify Plus, fortifying their businesses with enhanced capabilities and growth opportunities.
  6. Spiral Scout

Spiral Scout presents a diverse range of services, encompassing IT Staff Augmentation, eCommerce solutions, enterprise app modernization, and more. Driven by a visionary goal, they aspire to provide every great idea with the optimal opportunity to come to life. To achieve this, Spiral Scout strategically combines the expertise of skilled developers, designers, and marketers. This collaborative effort is aimed at constructing competitive eCommerce apps, ensuring that businesses have the necessary resources and capabilities to transform innovative concepts into successful realities.

7. Commerce UI

Recognizing the intricacies of eCommerce, the team at Commerce UI possesses a profound understanding of the industry. They acknowledge that crafting an immersive shopping experience demands meticulous attention to the design, theme, and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) of the eCommerce app. With this insight, Shopify app development companies directs its efforts toward the development of custom Shopify apps tailored to align seamlessly with the unique goals and objectives of their clients. By prioritizing a personalized approach, they ensure that each app is designed to enhance the overall user experience and contribute to the success of the eCommerce venture.

8. Mgroupweb

MGroup distinguishes itself as a team of seasoned Shopify experts, specializing in providing comprehensive full-lifecycle development services for the creation of unique and exceptional Shopify apps. Their offerings span the entire development process, encompassing everything from initial setup and customization to ongoing maintenance and optimization. MGroup’s commitment to covering all facets of the development lifecycle underscores their dedication to delivering out-of-the-box Shopify apps that align with the specific needs and goals of their clients.

9. Soda Web Media

For those seeking a dedicated team of Shopify experts, Soda Web Media stands out as a viable option for your project. Specializing in eCommerce development and web design, Soda Web Media is committed to delivering end products that are not only well-crafted but also capable of adapting to the evolving needs of end consumers. Their expertise in Shopify and focus on eCommerce development positions them as a reliable choice for businesses looking to create a robust online presence.

10. GenovaWebArt

With a track record dating back to 2012, GenovaWebArt has established itself as a prominent player in the realm of Shopify development, powering the world of eCommerce. As a dedicated partner for those seeking to build Shopify or Shopify Plus-based apps, GenovaWebArt brings profound experience and expertise to the table. Their tailored services cater to businesses of all sizes, showcasing a commitment to providing customized solutions that align with the unique needs and aspirations of their clients. GenovaWebArt stands out as a leading agency in the Shopify app development companies landscape, offering a wealth of knowledge and skills in crafting successful eCommerce solutions.


Developing a competitive Shopify app involves undertaking a comprehensive approach and incorporating techniques that contribute to its success. A crucial step in this process is selecting a company that offers full-cycle Shopify app development services. The list of companies mentioned above, such as Successive Digital, BairesDev, Mobikasa, SuperCo, and others, showcases a range of options with expertise in Shopify app development. Evaluate each company based on your specific business requirements and choose the one that aligns best with your goals to ensure the successful development of your Shopify app.


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