SC ordered the release of six people accused of the murder of Rajiv Gandhi


The Supreme Court issues an order for the early release of those convicted in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, including Nalini and RP Ravichandran.

The SC further declared that they were subject to the same rules that applied to Perarivalavan’s release. In the complaint filed by Nalini and RP Ravichandran, the court issued an order.

Nalini Sriharan, Murugan, Santhan, AG Perarivalan, Jayakumar, Robert Payas, and P Ravichandran were the seven defendants found guilty in this case.

Perarivalavan was released from prison in May, while the other six prisoners were still incarcerated in Tamil Nadu.

In connection with the case, each accused person was given a sentence of more than 30 years in jail.

During an electoral event in Sriperumbudur in 1991, a suicide bomber assassinated former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Dhanu (alias) Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, an LTTE suicide bomber who bent to touch Rajiv Gandhi’s feet, detonated her explosive-laden belt.

In addition to Rajiv Gandhi, 14 other people perished in the Sriperumbudur explosion.

The TADA court punished 26 defendants, including Perarivalan and Nalini, for their part in the assassination in 1998.

Some of the defendants later received death sentences. But in 2014, the SC modified the defendants’ execution sentences to life in prison.

Following the remission term, Perarivalan requested an early prison release.

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