Sayantani Ghosh aka Daljeet Bagga as the actress completes a year on Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main

It is a special time for Sayantani Ghosh aka Daljeet Bagga of Sony SAB’s light-hearted family show Tera Yaar Hoon Main, as the actress completes one year with the show. Audiences have been loving her feisty, outspoken Punjabi at-heart persona as she takes us through her exciting journey with her husband Rajeev and their kids.

Talking about her journey as Daljeet on the show, Sayantani said, “I still remember I was at home in Kolkata on a Christmas break when I got the call to play Daljeet. I have a special equation with Shashi Sumeet Productions, and I got to be a part of Sony SAB for the first time in a light-hearted comedy genre and also play a Punjabi girl, which I’ve never done before, so it was a no brainer for me and I jumped onto the opportunity. I also received an award for ‘The Most Popular Face’ last week, so I’m very grateful that the fans connected with Daljeet and showed her so much love. My entire journey has been absolutely great, and I’ve juggled between two contrasting emotions – getting married in real life and being the happiest that I have ever been, as well as playing a distressed mother in reel life. It was challenging yet a gratifying experience for me as an actor.”

Sayantani further talks about her character Daljeet and her equation with her co-actors, “What makes Daljeet so special is that she wears her heart on her sleeves and speaks her mind. She is a strong independent woman who brilliantly managed being a single mother and a career-oriented woman at the same time. It was beautiful to see that when life gave her a second chance with love, she took it with a stride, and the fans really loved Daljeet and Rajeev’s pair and called them Daljeev. My bond with the cast and crew is fantastic, my director Pushkar and my co-star Sudeep who are both Punjabis really helped me in getting my character right. I think our off-screen bond beautifully reflects on-screen. I also share a special bond with the kids on set, they really look up to me professionally and personally and we have a lot of fun. I feel blessed to see that the love of my fans continues to grow with every new character, they are my strength and I would only wish that this love continues to pour in.”

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