Online entry cards for the SSC exam now available


The students in all divisional boards have been provided online entry cards for the SSC exam to be held in July/August 2022. All concerned schools I can download admission cards for the exam from portal www.mahahss from school login. The schools should contact divisional boards if there is any technical difficulty.

All schools coming under all divisional boards have to give printouts of SSC exam of July/August 2022 to the students. No fee has to be taken from the stu dents while online printing of the exam cards.

The print out should have the signature of the principals and stamp. If subjects and mediums are changed in the exam cards, the rectifications have to be made by the schools by approaching the divisional board.

The corrections about photograph, signature, name of students, date of birth and birth place on admission cards have to be done by the schools at their level and send one copy to the divisional board imme diately. If admission cards are misplaced by students, schools should give anoth er print out with a remark ‘Second Copy’ in red ink. If photo is faulty, the photo of the students has to be affixed on it duly stamped and signed by the head masters, the secretary of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dr Ashok Bhosle.

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