On His Birthday, Yogesh Tripathi Reflects on His Remarkable Journey in the Entertainment Industry!


Yogesh Tripathi: currently seen as Daroga Happu Singh in & TV’s Gharelu comedy Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. The funny potbellied Happu Singh, with his incredible comic timing, Kanpuria quirks, and dialect, has made viewers laugh like none other, making him an audience favorite. With his extraordinary acting talent, he has amassed a huge fan base and touched the hearts of millions of viewers. In a heartfelt discussion on his birthday, the actor ardently talks about his love for acting and reflects on his remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

1. How are you celebrating your birthday this year?

On my birthday, I prefer the company of loved ones and indulging in tasty food. What better way to celebrate being a food lover than by enjoying the finest culinary treats? I have given my wife a list of dishes I want, and she’s excited to fulfill my gastronomic wishes. Afterward, we will visit a nearby mall where the kids can have fun in the game zone, returning memories of my childhood. Finally, we will gather with a few close friends at our favorite restaurant for the celebration.

2. What are your plans with your on-screen family of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan?

My on-screen family feels like an extended family to me. We have been together for four years, and the celebration would not be complete without them. Surprisingly, I don’t have to organize anything for them because they take the initiative to plan and surprise me every year. Whether it’s my co-stars or the crew, everyone has consistently made me feel extraordinary on my birthdays. Since I will be shooting this year, I eagerly await to witness how the day unfolds on their sets and how they create lasting memories to make this birthday unforgettable.

3. What led you to choose acting as your career?

My passion for acting has been with me from a young age. During my school breaks, I discovered my true calling when watching movies with my mother for countless hours. The realization struck me, and I knew deep down that pursuing a career in acting was my ultimate desire. This led me to venture to Lucknow, where I immersed myself in theatre and street performances, such as Nukad Natak, for several years. It was there that my journey as an actor began to take shape.

  1. How do you personally define success as an artist?

As artists, we aim to engage and leave a lasting impression on our audiences. When we receive applause in response, we know we have achieved success. I realized this when my portrayal of Daroga Happu Singh gained immense popularity. Currently, he is the only character in the television industry appearing simultaneously in two shows. This accomplishment as an artist is truly significant and fills me with pride.

2. What aspect of acting brings you the most enjoyment?

Bringing smiles to my audience is my greatest joy. It’s not just about silly faces, expressions, or jokes. It’s about crafting relatable moments and dialogues that resonate deeply. Our show, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, has accomplished this wonderfully. Each character’s unique personality and catchphrases have connected beautifully with the audience, providing endless entertainment. We feel incredibly fortunate to have been a conduit for spreading immense joy and laughter in the lives of our viewers.

3. Which role in your career has been your favorite so far?

It undoubtedly is the character of Daroga Happu Singh! The role has given me the priceless gifts of recognition, wealth, and the unwavering adoration and encouragement of the audience, fulfilling every artist’s deepest aspiration. I am fortunate to have this opportunity, and I will strive to maintain my utmost efforts in captivating and entertaining my viewers.

4. Any challenges you come across with a highly popular character?

Although comedy in acting may appear effortless, creating an unforgettable character like Daroga Happu Singh involves numerous factors. Portraying comedy on-screen is always challenging, particularly when maintaining perfect comedic timing amidst retakes. Humor can only be partially mastered, but we strive to reach our best as artists. Additionally, shooting for extended hours while wearing prosthetics and a mustache can be challenging, but I have grown accustomed to them. I love preparing for my role, getting ready in hair and makeup, and eagerly waiting for the director to say, “Action!“.

5. Did you ever think the cameo in the show would get you this long?

I was thrilled to be chosen for a cameo in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. Working alongside talented actors I admired on TV was an incredible feeling. Little did I know that this role would become a defining moment in my life and give me so much fame. It was pure luck that I landed the role of Daroga Happu Singh, and I am grateful that it came my way. The audience immediately resonated with the character. It struck an instant chord with them, capturing their attention through Happu’s impeccable comic timing, fun catchphrases, and distinctive potbellied appearance.

Watch Yogesh Tripathi as Daroga Happu Singh in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan at 10:00 pm, airing every Monday to Friday only on &TV!


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