NMC declines traffic police’s proposal to tow wrongly parked vehicles

NMC Nagpur Municipal Corporation नागपूर

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has declined the traffic police’s proposal to jointly appoint a private operator for towing away wrongly parked vehicles. Traffic police has been asked to continue its operation alone.

The standing committee on Friday rejected the proposal by traffic department. Chairman Virendra Kukreja said it was not the responsibility of the civic body to tow vehicles and recover penalties.

“Traffic police have been doing the job alone for years. They sent a proposal to NMC proposing that a private operator be appointed that will use modern towing vehicles, recover penalties and get its fees. There is no provision in the act for the civic body to levy penalty and act against vehicles,” he said.

Kukreja added that NOC would be given from NMC to traffic police for the project. “Traffic police will also be given NOC to park towed vehicles on NMC land whether on the side of the roads or on specially allotted land,” he said.

The committee approved the workshop department’s proposal to hire equipment for rivers and nullahs cleaning drive. “Mayor Nanda Jichkar announced the drive to clean Nag, Pili, Pora rivers and other nullahs would be held from May 7 to June 20. Equipment available with NMC is less so more will be hired,” he said.

Proposal to replace all lights in the NMC buildings with LEDs at the cost of Rs45.56 lakh was also cleared. Also, a proposal asking MahaMetro to rehabilitate 28 shopkeepers in temporary arrangements followed by permanent rehabilitation in construction of corridor and station near Cotton Market was also approved.

The standing committee declined fire department’s proposal to procure 32-metre high hydraulic platform from Government e-Market (GeM) portal and directed it to go for tendering. Two civic works were also refused and public works department asked to table proposal again after approval of budget.

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