NMC launches “Nagpur Live City” App for Grievance Management

Nagpur Municipal NMC

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation has developed the Citizen Grievance Management Application, under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe for the benefit of the citizens. The grievance regarding different civic services like Water Supply, Electrical supply, Schools and Education, Solid Waste Management, Property Tax, Birth and Death Registration, Unsafe buildings, removal of fallen trees, etc. will be resolved by this Application in time-bound and hassle-free manner.

The App is designed keeping in mind the citizen centricity. It will provide citizens access of apps at their fingertips for resolving the grievances related to civic services. The App is designed on the principles of

1.Transparency to every stakeholder including citizens and officers.

2.Built-in accountability of each officer to attend and resolve the grievance in the specified time and reply to the complaint, else auto-escalation activates and grievances are escalated to the higher authority for its resolution.

3.No discretion is provided to the authorities regarding the time limit or shifting/transferring the grievance to other authorities.

The App is user friendly, easy to handle and has citizens dashboard for tracking the status of the grievance.

This application is available on the Google play store. Any citizen can download “Nagpur Live City” from Google play store or the citizen can access the portal from below link: https://www.nmcnagpur.gov.in/grievance

Key Features of applications:

Citizens have to make onetime registration with the app by filling the required fields.

After a successful registration person has to Sign Up the system for registering any citizen service complaint.

Citizen can track the current status of their grievance, all the grievances registered by them, they can also give their feedback at their fingertips.

All the grievances registered through application will be automatically assigned to the concerned authority of NMC. The authority has to resolve the grievance in time bound manner.

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