New technology transforming lives of those requiring knee replacement


September 22 : Use of Hi, did a minor change in the end. Rest is good to go. Artificial Intelligence, accuracy in implant positioning, customized planning according to requirements of individual patients , 3D visualisation before the procedure ensuring right implant fit, soft tissue balance and overall precision and unparalleled safety is ensuring far better outcomes for the patients. Pune’s Sai Shree hospital which had installed the first Cuvis Joint Robotic System for joint replacement procedures last year has completed a milestone of 500 joint replacement surgeries in a calendar year using this Advanced Automatic and Active Robotic System, a feat achieved for the first time in western India .

Dr. Neeraj Adkar, Managing Director and Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon at Sai Shree Hospital, Pune said that the advanced joint robotic system is a revolutionary technology with an ability to transform lives of patients who are struggling with joint pain. Before this technology came to the fore , the earlier navigation technique involved instruments which had to be hand held by the surgeon. But now with automation, artificial intelligence and lesser human intervention the procedures can be executed with precision. The 3D CT visualisation before the surgery ensures a customised plan for every patient including right implant fit, soft tissue balance, preparing the bone and a range of tasks. The other important benefits include minimum blood loss, reduced post-operative pain, reduced duration of hospital stay and quicker recovery.

What is important is better patient outcomes and improved quality of life post-surgery, which are possible with this new technology. The system helps in carrying out the most complex procedures with same precision and consistent results, added Dr. Adkar.

Dr.Adkar said that with an increase in life expectancy the number of people with knee / joints will rise significantly. The number will also be fuelled with increasing obesity amongst the youth, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor posture as we have seen in the pandemic.Thus it is important to take care of your joints and bones for living independently at any age.

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