New book, “You are the spitting image of my angel” by Abhijith Krissh launched.


Abhijith d is also known as Abhijith Krissh is a debutant author of “you’re the spitting image of my angel”. It is a romantic suspense based on true story under fiction category.  Abhijith Krissh’s full name is Abhijith d born to Jayanthi and Dinesh and brought up in Bangalore, Karnataka. He’s a paramedical student studying in Bangalore university final year. He used to write short stories and poems during his schooldays. One day he decided to pen down the story and under the guidance of Dr. Nikhil chandwani, CEO of Writer rescue centre.  He published his first book with Educreational publishing. Abhijith Krissh is a choreographer, dancer, He writes songs, and have the goal to reach the Film industry. He’s a multi-faced as well.


“You’re the spitting image of my Angel.”

“You’re the spitting image of my Angel”, is a novel by Abhijith D published by Educreational Publishing was published on February 28th of 2019. It’s a story of two young couples Rahul and Rahasya fall in love and had to face a lot of struggle in their journey of love. They part away for their job and one day Rahasya will meet with an accident, Unaware of this situation, Rahul will get transferred to Australia and he moves away. When Rahul finds out, he need to recreate the memories but unfortunately she will fall over again in love for the first time with Rahul.