Nagpur: Restaurants, hotels, markets to remain closed on weekends

District Collector Ravindra Thakre has issued official order about the closure of all business establishments including restaurants/ hotels, on Saturday and Sunday. The order issued on Wednesday has cleared confusion among the shop owners, restaurants, and hotels.

On Tuesday, a discussion on restaurants and liquor bars to remain open by following all the directives related to COVID 19, was being held. The bar owners are not yet clear about their status on the weekend. They receive separate instructions from the Excise Department. The Excise Department had issued directions to close the bars at 9 pm from Monday itself, when the restrictions by the municipal and district authorities were imposed from February 25. The bar owners’ association is relying on the orders issued on February 22. In this order conditions for bars were mentioned. However, the order of February 24 does not speak about bars.

The Bar Owners’ Association and Mangal Karyalaya (Marriage Hall) Owners Association had approached the authorities demanding relaxation of norms for them. The marriage halls have been closed up to March 7. They are suffering heavy losses, as their bookings are being canceled.

Earlier they were allowed to operate with accommodation of 50 percent of their capacity. The marriage halls have suffered immensely during the last 11 months. As the situation appeared improving booking of the halls had improved. Now fresh closure has added to their problems.

The kitchen of the restaurants and hotels will be allowed to operate. Only parcel services have been allowed. Dining at the restaurants has been banned, under the new order.