Nagpur Police bans on-line sale of sharp-edged weapons

Police got a list of 122 sharp-edged weapons sold in the city. Of them, 29 were purchased on-line by criminals

Alarmed by the on-line sale of sharp-edged weapons, that were used in two brutal murders, from e-commerce platforms, Commissioner of Police (CP) Amitesh Kumar, on Monday imposed a ban on the sale of sharp-edged weapons from on-line platforms including Flipkart, Amazon and Shopclues in the City and also directed the companies to share the information of customers with the police for scrutiny.

CP Amitesh Kumar issued the order under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). According to the order, e-commerce companies are not allowed to sell sharp-edged weapons with a blade more than nine inches long and more than two inches wide. The companies will also have to share the information of the customers who have purchased the sharp-weapons from the e-commerce websites. CP Amitesh Kumar informed ‘The Hitavada’ that killers in murder cases of Balya Binekar and murder in Yashodhara Nagar had purchased the weapons from on-line platforms. The accused had told the police during interrogation, he said.

“When the information came to fore, the police wrote letters to Flipkart, Amazon and Shopclues seeking information of the customers. However, Flipkart and Amazon have not yet furnished the information with the police. Shopclues have sent a list of 122 customers. Of them, 29 customers have criminal records,” the CP confirmed after checking records of these customers. The police have initiated action against 28 customers under Section 135 of Mumbai Police Act and a customer was booked under Section 4, 25 of Arms Act. As the notification under Section 144 of CrPC will remain effective for two months and the City Police will also issue Gazette notification. If any company will take objection on the notification, the police will decide the further line of action, the CP said.

Offences to be registered against e-commerce companies The CP also warned that offenses will be registered against the e-commerce companies if weapons delivered from the websites would be used in any crime. The cops will also send copies of the notification to the e-commerce companies.

Cops to conduct inquiries of every customer After receiving a list of customers, the Crime Branch will confidentially conduct inquiry of every customer including his intention for purchasing the weapon. Sharp-weapons purchased for agriculture, research and industrial purpose will be exempted from police scrutiny.