Nagpur pattern of training successful; A team of nurses with 2000 expert doctors is ready

For corona control, trained medical manpower of 2500 nurses including 2000 specialist doctors has been made available.


Nagpur: A trained medical manpower of 2500 nurses including 2000 specialist doctors has been made available for corona control. Successful planning of preventive measures has been done in Nagpur division. This pattern of Nagpur training has been successful. Various measures are being implemented at national and state level for effective and efficient control of Corona virus. As the number of corona-infected patients continues to grow, priority has been given to building medical facilities.

Considering the population of Nagpur city and the need for health facilities accordingly, 5 thousand 808 specialists, doctors, nurses and medical staff of the department have been trained and equipped. Therefore, the number of corona patients has been limited not only in the country but also in the state. The Corona virus has caused panic all over the world and a plan has been prepared at the district level as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization as well as the Central and State Governments for the control of this virus.

Prepare a comprehensive plan

In Nagpur Division, under the chairmanship of the Divisional Commissioner, a comprehensive plan has been prepared by studying the future situation and population of all the five districts including Nagpur. To control the growing impact of the corona, 393 specialist doctors, 1,957 doctors, 2,488 nurses and 970 Class IV staff have been trained and equipped to deal with any disaster.

Corona involves creating a covid air-equipped hospital separate from the ventilator for patients. According to a study of trained health officials and staff for the treatment of Kovid patients, for the first time in the state, expert manpower has been created by operating a large number of ventilators and providing other necessary training.

Create a time bound program of training

After studying the ICU and HDU facilities available in the district, a periodical training program was prepared for the trained medical officers and staff and training was imparted to 5,808 medical officers and staff. As such an initiative has been implemented in the Nagpur division only in the state, the entire city of Nagpur has succeeded in creating effective and efficient treatment facilities on the entire corona.

This is the Nagpur pattern of training

– Manpower of 288 specialists, 996 MBBS and BAMS doctors, 2 thousand 280 nurses and 996 medical assistants trained in the department.

– Nagpur city and district 180 specialists (specialists) 600 MBBS, BAMS doctors, 1,380 nurses as well as the training of 600 class IV coronary arthritis patients in the country as well as in the state.

– Training was imparted to the officers and staff of Health Departments in 16 Private Hospitals, Western Coal Field, Ayurvedic College, Municipal Corporation and Zilla Parishad along with Government Health Institutions.

– As the staff of Covid Hospital are working for 15 consecutive days, they were given rest and the services of replacement staff were also included in this training.

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