Nagpur, Mumbai police ride on Gully Boy meme fest, promote road safety online

The trailer of Bollywood film Gully Boy, featuring actors Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, was released on Wednesday. Soon after its release, netizens took to social media to express their views about the trailer. Many also took the opportunity to come up with hilarious memes and jokes. Joining in the fun online, Mumbai and Nagpur police came up with a message about road safety.

As Alia Bhatt’s dialogue “Mar jayega tu (You will die)” became the fodder for meme-makers online, the cops used the line to make an important point about road safety. “When he argues to ride a motorcycle without wearing helmet,” they tweeted. But instead of the viral hashtag of #GullyBoy they altered it to #SillyBoy.

The meme was on point and twitter loved it giving it a thumbs up.

But it was not just Mumbai Police alone who used Gully Boy meme to make a fair point. Nagpur Police too joined the meme-fest online and used Ranveer Singh’s dialogue from the trailer to convey an important message. Using Singh’s line “Apna time aayega (my time will come)” the cops urged people to have patience while waiting at traffic signals. “When you are frustrated with the long countdown at the Traffic Signa Just say to yourself… #PatienceMyBoy.”

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