Municipal Commissioner caps operation of hotels & restaurants till 11 pm

hotels & restaurants

Nagpur: CONTINUING with directions for operation of night curfew, Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan B on Thursday capped the operations of hotels and restaurants in city till 11 pm. This effectively seals the raging debate and put in clear that all establishments where crowding occurs would have to align their operations in line with curfew timings.

Further, on Wednesday, Municipal Commissioner shed some light on component of night curfew, which means assembly of five or more persons, is banned in city till next fortnight, that is till January 5.

The earlier notification notifying about night curfew from 11 pm to 6 am did not clarify about the enforcement and same was tried to be removed by Municipal Commissioner through two separate notifications. Since licenses issued to permit rooms, bars, hotels, restaurants have provided timing to continue operation late into the night, the new notification is more specific, limiting their operations till 11 pm.

This is done to ensure that citizens do not take any liberties and continue to remain out of their houses beyond the stipulated time. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Government has also given liberty to District Collectors to promulgate night curfew in rural areas of district in case they feel same is necessary.

Earlier order about night curfew was restricted to urban centers, prompting citizens to question whether one can indulge in celebrations in rural landscape that is dotted with farm houses and plus clubs.