Maa – The divine power

Author - Usha Bhagavati

India is a country where we celebrate 20 festivals in 12 months with grandeur and joy. It’s Ganpati Pujan last month and now its Durga Pujan on the cards.

Pandals are getting ready like brides, with decorations, clothing, food and its festivity everywhere.

We welcome Maa Durga with all respect, spend thousands and lakhs of rupees on it. There is a pandal and an Idol almost in every nook and corner of the street.

One question that comes to mind everytime a pandal is decorated and the Lord is welcomed is that  Did the Lord really wish to have all these grandeur and Pandals or She just wanted pure divine spirit”?

When we perform puja and show respect to Maa Durga why can’t we show respect to women in real. We discriminate her, disrespect her, take her for granted and most of the time people literally do not want a baby girl.

The crime against a women is rising alarmingly and the lavishness of the puja is multiplying. Is that mean we are showcasing all this for name and fame. Pity on us. To me, if we close our eyes and remember God and and pledge ourselves that we are not going to harm anybody in anyway that is the most powerful form of Puja.

Spirituality means humanity, respect for the fellow beings no matter who they are and what they are. You need not do anything separately to prove yourself and your spiritual side. Its “Perceptions Usha”