Legislative Assembly adjourned 4 times over farmers issues

Legislative Assembly adjourned 4 times over farmers' issues

Nagpur – The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly was adjourned for the third consecutive day on Wednesday following heated exchanges between members of the ruling and opposition parties.

Members from both sides marched to the well of the Council thrice and shouted slogans in front of the Chairman. Members of the ruling dispensation alleged that their counterparts in the Opposition were stalling proceedings by misusing their majority in the Council. The opposition members accused the government of running away from the debate on the loan waiver.

Dhananjay Munde, Leader of Opposition in the State Council, said, “The business of the day must be suspended and we should start debates on issues such as the loan waiver and the agricultural crisis in the State.”

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Girish Bapat said that the government was ready for debate and requested members of the House to maintain order. He said, “There is a discussion scheduled on the issue. We shall go ahead with that. But the Opposition must let the House function.”

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However, members of the opposition continued to shout slogans and Deputy Chairman Manikrao Thakre adjourned the House for the day. Leader of the House and Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil said, “The opposition is trying to shut our voices on the basis of majority. We will approach the Governor.”

Peasant and Workers Party leader Jayant Patil refuted the charges. He said, “Raising farmers’ issues is not suppressing voices but empowering them. The government is insensitive to farmers’ issues.”