Instagram Might Introduce Audio and Video Calling Feature Soon


Instagram might soon launch a feature that would allow both audio and video calls. All the social networking platforms are in a constant state of competition for being the best and capturing the most users. Instagram—the Facebook owned application is soon to introduce the Voice and Video Calling Feature.

As per the reports of TechCrunch, there are files found in the Instagram and the Instagram-Direct standalone app’s Android Application Packages (APKs) which are the icons for an interface that would permit audio and video calls.

Application Packages usually display files or icons for the features that are not released yet and are ready for launch by the company. So, it seems, that ‘Instagram’ is soon to introduce audio and video calling within its Direct Messaging system.

The addition of audio-video calling to ‘Instagram’ would make it a better alternative to Snapchat—which launched the video calling feature back in 2014. This is like ‘Instagram’ copying Snapchat again at the cost of weakening the app’s experience.

Snapchat’s calling experience is kind of buried and one has to go through a series of steps before the call could be placed. Additionally, Snapchat is under negative criticism because of the recent redesign of the app, so if Instagram releases the calling feature and makes it simple and straightforward, then it would just give users another reason to remain stuck to the application.

Last week, ‘Instagram’ released a feature that allows one to control who replay photos, videos shared through Instagram-Direct.

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As per the new update, the users who send their photo or video from the platform of Instagram-Direct camera could now decide whether they want the recipients to view their shared content once or replay it temporarily or could see a permanent thumbnail of it in the chat log. Thus, the new update gave complete power to the users to decide who could see their photos or videos.

‘Instagram’ has yet given no indication that whether the voice and video calling feature would be launched and if it would, then when.