IndianOil and Dabur tieup for ‘Direct2Home’ sales to Indane LPG Households

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February 25, 2022, Mumbai: IndianOil, India’s leading energy provider, and Dabur India Limited, India’s leading Ayurveda major, have announced an exclusive tieup to provide direct access of Dabur’s range of trusted products to around 14 crore Indane LPG consumer households across India.

As a part of the tieup, IndianOil’sIndane LPG distributors will become retail business partners for Dabur and will help sell the entire Dabur range of products directly to the crores of Indane LPG consumer households through their network of delivery personnel, creating customer delight. A technological & system integration is being carried out by IndianOil and Dabur to render seamless delight to the entire value chain, especially Indane LPG users.

This initiative will help Dabur to leverage IndianOil’s unmatched reach to Indian households.

“We are extremely happy to tie up with Dabur India Ltd for distribution and supply of their products to our consumers. We are highly appreciative of this new go-to-market route, which will enable convenience and ease of buying for our customers through trusted Indane LPG distributors and their network of delivery personnel,” said Mr. SS Lamba, Executive Director (LPG), IndianOil.

IndianOil, with 12,750 plus Indane distributors and more than 90,000 delivery personnel, caters to 14.3 crore households, in every nook and corner of the country. In Maharashtra this “Direct2Home” service will be provided to more than 45 Lakh customers through 2800 plus delivery boys.

Elaborating on the alliance, Mr. Mohit Malhotra, CEO, Dabur India Limited said, “We are really excited to be the first FMCG Company to join hands with IndianOil for this unique partnership. This will bring us closer to millions of Indane LPG consumers across urban, semi-urban & rural areas and is an integral part of our multi-channel go-to-market strategy. As a company that’s dedicated to the health and well-being of every household, we have always been working towards not only improving our direct reach to consumer households but also enhance their buying experience. The coming together of two of the oldest and largest Indian brands, Dabur and IndianOil, should be able to unlock significant value for both the companies.”

“The pandemic has changed many business models, and we strongly believe that consumers should be given an opportunity to buy our range of products from their homes. We are confident that this tie-up will allow us to ensure availability and easy access of Dabur’s diverse range of products directly to consumer households,”– said Mr. Adarsh Sharma, Executive Director-Sales, Dabur India Ltd.