IND vs Aus T20 match at Jamtha Stadium Nagpur tickets on Paytm Insider


The tickets will be available from 18th September on Paytm Inside App. The offline tickets will be available for Members , students and differently abled. The online tickets booked can be redeemed on 20th September. The tickets can also be redeemed on 23rd September at Jamtha T Point

Nagpur’s Vidarbha International Stadium will host the 2nd T20I between India and Australia on 23rd September. The ticket booking for the game will start from 18 September 2022. The ticket prices are out of the match and it ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 1,00,000 (According to official VCA website).

The School students and differently abled can get the lowest ticket of Rs 100 on the ground floor of the East Stand, whereas the price of the Corporate box is Rs 1,00,000. The ground-floor tickets are for Rs 650 in East and West Stands, whereas the 1st-floor tickets are for Rs 500. North and South block tickets are on the expensive side.

VCA Stadium Jamtha Nagpur ticket price IND vs AUS T20

East Stand (School Students and differently abled) (Ground Floor): Rs 100

East Stand (1st Floor): Rs 500

West Stand (1st Floor): Rs 500

East Stand (Ground Floor): Rs 650

West Stand (Ground Floor): Rs 650

North Stand (4th Floor): Rs 1800

South (4th Floor): Rs 2000

North Stand (3rd Floor): Rs 2000

South (Members AC Box) (3rd Floor): Rs 3500

South L/M/N (Ground Floor): Rs 4000

North Stand (Ground Floor): Rs 5000

South K (Ground Floor): Rs 5000

South G&H (Ground Floor): Rs 6000

Corporate Box South: Rs 100000

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