IIM Nagpur placements : This tailor’s son grabbed a Rs 19 lakh pay package

IIM Nagpur placements

IIM Nagpur placements : 27-year-old Justin Fernandez has grabbed a job in Hyderabad-based Value Labs as an associate director with a pay package of Rs 19 lakh! The battle to get this massive pay package was not easy for Fernandez. He won over multiple personal battles to become an over-achiever. He is a student who has achieved many firsts at the Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM-N).

His family found it very difficult to make ends meet and this goes back to the time he joined school. But Fernandez’s focus and determination helped him to more than achieve his goals. “My grandfather was a tailor and naturally my father was drawn into the same business. But, readymade garments spelt doom for our family and several like us. There wasn’t enough work and my father started finding it difficult to earn enough for our basic needs,” Fernandez told Times of India. He said that things got so bad at one stage that his family depended on government subsidies to fill their needs.This was when his family’s income stopped altogether.

Fernandez also told the paper that Rs 50,000 per year was the total income that his family could manage. It was his aunt who took care of his studies till class 12, as she firmly believed that only education could improve the condition of their family. Later, on completing  BTech from Government College of Engineering at Trivandrum,  scholarships helped him cover his expenses.

Justin wanted to pursue his MBA from IIM-Kozikhod but couldn’t clear the entrance examination in his first attempt but finally, he got through IIM-Nagpur in the second attempt and got enrolled there. Although he is going to take up his new role in the corporate world soon but his dream is to become a sports manager someday. Notably, he used to work for a software company for two years before joining IIM-N.