Haar ya Helmet? Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur raise awareness on National Road Safety Week

Nagpur: Yamraj Khush Hua! A ghost was spotted in the Shankar Nagar Square of city reciting the same to riders without helmet.

In a bid to create awareness towards road safety, Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur conducted an awareness campaign- Haar ya Helmet. The campaign focused on wearing helmet and its importance in road safety.

The innovative event was held at Shankar Nagar Square where the commuters not wearing helmets were asked to choose a helmet or a garland. They were educated and reminded on wearing helmet and ensuring their own safety. As road transportation becomes more crowded with means to travel becoming more easily available, mishaps on the road have emerged as one of the most pressing social issues that the country is grappling with. The idea behind this activity was to reach more and more number of people and give them the message of wearing helmets for safety.

The commuters who were following all the safety norms were also regarded as “Road Safety Heroes” under this campaign.

City traffic police was associated with this event and supported in making this event a success. “We are continuously working on raising awareness not just towards wearing helmets but also to follow all the traffic rules once we are on roads. This initiative will add to our cause in a novel way”, said Mr. Amit Dolas, PI (traffic), Nagpur. “This activity also ensure in educating people about importance of wearing helmets as two wheelers are most vulnerable to accidents. We are working on educating people on the fact that following traffic rules is for their own safety”, he added. The entire campaign was conducted under guidance of Mr. Sarang Awad, Deputy Commissioner of police (Traffic), Nagpur.

“We are doing our bit in raising awareness for various social causes and this is one on such activities through which are appealing people to follow traffic rules and wear helmet for their safety”, said Mr. Abhinandan Dastenavar, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur.