Gurnule Fraud Case :Cops recover Rs 48 lakh cash hidden in pit


Nagpur: In a multi-level marketing scam unearthed by Rana Pratap Nagar police on November 16, it has surfaced that the accused Vijay Gurnule and his accomplices allegedly duped 25,000 investors to the tune of Rs 100 crore through Metro Vision Buildcon India Limited, Real Trade, and Metro Coin.

Police raided his relative’s home in Amravati and seized Rs 48 lakh from Gurnule, who allegedly hid the amount in a pit there. Police seized Rs 7 lakh from Gurnule from other places too, said DCP Noorol Hassan on Tuesday.

Gurnule was away since an offense of fraud was registered by the city police. “He went to a relative in Amravati, where he dug a three-foot-deep pit and allegedly hid Rs 48 lakh in three boxes. The matter came to light during Gurnule’s interrogation,” Hassan said.

A police team, under the guidance of senior police inspector Bhimrao Khandale of Rana Pratap Nagar station, went to Gurnule’s relative’s house in Amravati and seized Rs 48 lakh cash from the pit. So far, police have seized Rs 1 crore from Gurnule and his accomplices.

Following a complaint filed by one Ganesh Chafle, police had arrested Gurnule, Jeevandas Dandare, Ramesh Bisen, Atul Meshram, Avinash Mahadole, Raju Mohurle, Shrikant Nikure, Devendra Gajbhiye, Dnyaneshwar Bawne, Roshan Kadu, and others. Like Gurnule, Gajbhiye is also a mastermind in the scam.

“Gurnule used to offer expensive items like cars, washing machines, laptops to the agent through lucky draws, and due to this modus operandi, he lured agents to invest heavily in the company,” Hassan said.