Former state minister offers a reward of Rs 5L for chopping Ram Kadam’s tongue

Former state minister offers a reward of Rs 5L for choppingRam Kadam tongue

Nagpur: A former Maharashtra minister allegedly announced a reward on Thursday for anyone who ‘cuts off the tongue’of BJP MLA Ram Kadam, whose ‘would abduct the girl a boy has liked’ statement has triggered a huge controversy.

In a video of an event at Buldana in eastern Maharashtra, Subodh Saoji, a Congress leader and a former state minister, was purportedly heard saying that Kadam’s statement was unbecoming of a legislator.

“…and therefore, I am announcing a Rs 5-lakh reward for anyone who comes forward and cuts off his tongue,” he purportedly said.

Saoji could not be contacted for comments.

At a “Dahi Handi” event in his Assembly constituency in Mumbai on Monday night, Kadam had told youngster that they could tell him if they liked a girl and he would ‘abduct’ her for them even if she rejected their proposal. The Maharashtra State Commission for Women had issued a notice to Kadam over his remark, seeking his reply.

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