FOGSI’s Manyata initiative ensures safe deliveries for 3138 women in Nagpur

Around 107 healthcare workers from 34 hospitals are undergoing training to deliver safe and respectful care to the expecting mothers

Nagpur: The Manyata and LaQshya – Manyata certification in Maharashtra by FOGSI is being given to 14 maternity facilities in Nagpur amid the COVID19 pandemic, which is impacting pregnant women severely. These facilities are among the 34 that have been trained and are undergoing training and assessment the city. This has ensured 3138 safe deliveries across the city. Some of the hospitals in Nagpur that have been certified by Manyata are Matru Sewa Sangh, Mahal Maternity Home, Harsha hospital in Dharampeth, Shrikhande Hospital in Dhantoli, Deshmukh Hospital in Surendra Nagar among others. In Maharashtra, the Public Health Department Government of Maharashtra (GoM) and FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India) joined hands in 2019 to launch the LaQshya Manyata initiative. It was launched to enable and further build the capacity of private maternity-care providers in delivering quality maternity and new-born care.

LaQshya-Manyata adopts an innovative approach to cater to the diverse needs of private maternity facilities. Using skill drills and digital case-based learning, the program trains private maternity facilities on essential patient care, safety, and facility improvement components. The training modules are based on a set of 26 quality standards. LaQshya-Manyata is a giant leap forward in advancing maternal healthcare outcomes in Maharashtra. By addressing quality care in the private sector, the programme complements other public sector efforts towards building a holistic health system – so that no mother dies during childbirth.

Dr Chaitanya Shembekar, Chairman and MD of Omega Hospital, which is the Nagpur Centre for Skill Enhancement for Manyata, said, “Our hospital has successfully undergone the training and assessment to receive the Manyata certification and are very pleased to be a part of this family. We are also honored to have become the CSE in Nagpur; our hospital will be the center to provide training and conduct sessions with the registered hospitals. We currently have 19 hospitals from Nagpur registered for the training. I sincerely thank FOGSI and the GoM to have launched this initiative to bring about standardization in private maternity hospitals and raise the bar for quality maternal care in the state of Maharashtra.”

Dr Alka Mukherjee, Director, Mukherjee Multispeciality Hospital in Nagpur which has received the Manyata certification, said, “The LaQshya Manyata training, assessment and certification has really changed the way we offer treatment and service in our facility. Undergoing the training and assessment process was very enriching and transformational for our hospital. It is not an easy process to receive the certification, the staff and doctors really need to strive hard to adhere to the quality standards under the curriculum. I am happy to have received the training and certification which has refined the outlook of everyone at the hospital.”

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Manyata and LaQshya-Manyata initiative shifted its entire process of training and assessment to a digital model. The program implementation partners have been conducting virtual trainings as well as assessments to drive the initiative. Recently, LaQshya-Manyata has completed the assessments for over 100 facilities and reached a new milestone amidst the pandemic. Additionally, the LaQshya-Manyata initiative has expanded to 26 districts of Maharashtra.