Fastest to add 300 Digit Numbers into a Single Digit in the least time: Award Successfully Attempted by Nikhil Linga

Nikhil Linga, best-selling author of the book MLP Hacked is an ethical hacker and a student pursuing his bachelors from Hyderabad. His book covers the basics of ethical hacking. He is also working on creating awareness revolving around security of youngsters online.

Nikhil recently successfully attempted the award in Hyderabad that was verified by Dr. N.S. Dileep, Professor, and Secretary- Sports Council, Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Hyderabad and N. Ashok, Assistant Physical Director, JNTUH.

Nikhil was successful in adding 300 randomly generated digitals in 2 mins 50 seconds and 79 seconds.

The event took place at JNTU Hyderabad in a successful attempt for Limca Book of Records.