Drones to monitor idol immersion at Futala, Nagpur

Drones to monitor idol immersion at Futala, Nagpur

Nagpur : For the first time, the Nagpur traffic police will use a mobile Command Control Centre (CCC) to monitor the crowds at Futala lake on September 23 Ganesh immersion day.

To ensure smooth movement of processions, some 600 traffic cops will be deployed on the roads heading to Futala lake. The police will also use over 50 CCTV cameras to keep the activities organised and safe on Ganesh visarjan.

“In addition to mobile CCC, we will be using drone cameras to keep an eye on all immersion points,” said the police.

Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Raj Tilak Roushan along with officiating assistant commissioner of police (traffic) Ashok Bagul and senior police inspector Jayesh Bhandarkar visited the lake on Wednesday and reviewed preparedness. The mobile CCC van can get live footage from CCTV cameras installed at major junctions and within five km radius, according to operator of the van.

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