Domestic LPG cylinders will soon include QR codes


The programme is anticipated to address difficulties with theft, offer protection for cylinders, have data on their safety evaluations, and include information on where it was bottled, among other things.

According to Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders will soon include QR codes that will help manage the household cylinders.

The code-based track and trace project will help to address concerns with theft, tracking, and better cylinder inventory management.

“Fueling Traceability! A remarkable innovation – this QR Code will be pasted on existing cylinders & welded on new ones – when activated it has the potential to resolve several existing issues of pilferage, tracking & tracing & better inventory management of gas cylinders,” said the petroleum minister releasing a video on his Twitter profile.

In the video, which is from the World LPG Week 2022 event taking place in Uttar Pradesh, Puri interacts with officials and asks about the viability of the concept.

The machine-readable optical labels known as QR (Quick Response) codes are a digital solution that provide information about the object they are attached to.

20,000 of the initial batch of LPG were given the code, and all 14.2 kg household cylinders will receive the code in the coming months.

In an effort to improve customer service, the programme is anticipated to address difficulties with theft, provide security for cylinders, have information on their safety tests, and have information on where it was bottled, among other things.

At the event, Puri spoke about the importance of access to affordable, clean energy, stating that supporting innovations in the LPG energy mix, efficiency, conservation, bio LPG, synthetic LPG, etc., would promote positive growth and advance efforts to combat climate change.

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